What else we do?

We develop software, provide consultancy and design workflow solutions that enable radiology departments to work faster and more effectively.

Using extensive experience, deep knowledge of health IT standards and an intimate understanding of departmental workflow, we solve IT problems. From simple IT implementations to complex integrations, Zed Technologies listen and work with you to achieve effective IT outcomes.

Customised Software Design and Integration

Even if you have a great IT system (doesn't everyone?), chances are there is something it doesn't do. Zed Technologies can take your ideas from the back of a beer coaster to working software or simply show you how to make existing systems play together.

Zed Technologies has in-house programming and software development skills. We have written a number of customised applications for radiology practices and RIS/PACS vendors to overcome specific workflow problems or manage repetitive tasks.

Examples include an application that automatically packages a full imaging study with a DICOM viewer and allows patients to download and store their study in soft copy on their PC or MAC, or software that extracts scanned documents from a RIS system and displays it with the PACS images. We have also created an inexpensive library and teaching file system to enable the storage and viewing of interesting cases.

A Flexible Resource

Zed Technologies' versatility can assist during large or complex IT rollouts. Whether it is project managing the entire process or playing a role in integration, interfacing, workflow design, configuration, training or support, we can have the skills and manpower to assist.

Zed Technologies offers 'due diligence' services during IT implementations to ensure that you get what you pay for.

Zed Technologies is a flexible resource that can be used as much or as little as you decide during an IT project. We may also be used for ongoing support and advice throughout the project lifecycle.

Due Diligence and Client Advocacy

A typical department or IT practice will buy an IT system once every 10 years. Zed Technologies can assist in evaluating IT submissions and vendor specifications in context with department or practice needs. In almost every case, the cost of contracting Zed Technologies to perform due diligence or client advocacy is recovered through the identification of ‘gaps’ in products or unforeseen implementation costs.

Project Management and RIS/PACS Implementations

Implementing a new IT system can be stressful and expensive when using inexperienced staff to project manage numerous vendors and timelines. Zed Technologies provides a flexible and experienced project management resource to ensure that the system is installed on-time and on-budget, while your staff are left to do what they do best.

IT Evaluation

Evaluating existing or new technology proposals can be a baffling and frustrating experience. Zed Technologies can provide vital due diligence services that assist in avoiding expensive or overly complex systems.