Zed Patient

Online Patient Access to Radiology Images.

Anywhere, anytime.

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About Zed Patient

For Radiology Clinics

Zed Patient replaces X-ray film and CD-ROMs, making distribution of images easier and less expensive.

  • Reduces film and stationery costs.
  • Reduces administration in providing images to patients.
  • No need for patients to wait or return to pick-up films.
  • Increases patient loyalty by providing patients with something they value.
  • Demonstrates technology leadership.
  • Leverages investment in digital technology.

For Patients

Zed Patient ensures that patients always have their X-rays and scans available.

  • No need to remember and carry films to appointments.
  • Immediate access to X-rays and scans when travelling.
  • Ability to control who can see patient images and who can't.
  • Allow sharing with family members or doctors involved in a patients' care.
  • Easier storage.
  • Ecologically friendly (less film, paper and chemistry used).

Zed Patient allows patients to

view, share and upload their radiology images online.


  • Simple ‘retro-fit’ system that can be attached to any PACS or modality.
  • Low cost ‘Software as a Service’ (SaaS) model.
  • Native iOS, Android and HTML5 viewer.
  • Simple sign-up for patients with low impact on reception staff.
  • Excellent patient support.